How to set up a new Mac.

An ounce of preparation.

In preparation for the arrival of my new MacBook Pro, I’ve been making a to-do list of things I need to do to set it up.

While the Migration Assistant is great, I like to clean out the crap by starting ‘almost-fresh’ when I get a new Mac. I copy over only what I need and leave the rest behind.

Here’s what I need to do, in almost no particular order except in some cases:

  1. Make sure the system is fully up-to-date, including any security updates and iLife.
  2. Install BBEdit.
  3. Copy my BBEdit preference file over to the new Mac.
  4. Set my default shell to zsh.
  5. Copy over my scripts, including .zshrc.
  6. Install my custom Cocoa keybinding of ⌃L to Select Word.
  7. Install Xcode. (For gcc, etc.)
  8. Install Homebrew.
  9. Use Homebrew to update Ruby to 1.9.
  10. Install Secrets.prefPane.
  11. Disable the 3D Dock.
  12. Disable the translucent menu-bar.
  13. Configure Dashboard with just Calculator, Clock, Converter and Dictionary.
  14. Install FastScripts. Transfer keybindings.
  15. Go to the Mac App Store and download all the purchased apps.
  16. Install iWork.
  17. Install Transmit.
  18. Make sure Flash is not installed.
  19. Set up my email account in Mail.
  20. Set up my Twitter account in Twitterrific and Twitter for Mac.
  21. Transfer my iTunes library.
  22. Transfer my iPhoto library.
  23. Disable Arial, Comic Sans, Papyrus, and Trebuchet in Font Book.
  24. Install launch and appswitch.
  25. Install Dropbox, CloudApp, and iScrobbler.

I’ll be updating this list as I think of more stuff.