Dropout: Day 23.

Today was a day spent working in front of the computer, which is not nearly as exciting to write about as galavanting off to conferences is, but it was good to have a day of rest after the intensity of LWF.

I worked on YRS-related stuff most of the time: assigning applicants to centres, drawing centres up on a map, etc. (The latter was done with awk, which was a terrible idea but I blame Adam for encouraging me.)

It’s been over a week since I interviewed with a certain London-based internet company. I was supposed to arrange another interview with them during this week, but I sent them an email telling them when I was available but never they never replied. I’m a bit disappointed that, after calling me in for an interview, they don’t even have the decency to even send an email saying that “Sorry, we’re a bit busy, we might take a while to get back to you,” or something along those lines.

A a short interview with John Roderick has just been published. He talks about his next album, and getting a band together to form the new The Long Winters. (Since Eric Corson, the bassist, left the band, it’s now just John alone. The upcoming record will feature the first all-new line-up of backing band members since the band’s formation in 2002.)